We specialize in emergency backup generators and custom LED lighting. Here is a small sample of what we offer.

Custom LED lighting and a wide range of generators

Pops on Route 66

The completely LED pop bottle at Pops was a fun project. Multiple rows of LED strip lights work together to create quite the show.

LED strip lights

Waterproof LED strip lights can assist in lighting up a set of stairs, so they are easier to see at night. Under counter lights at the office helps to keep those typical dark spots on the desk glowing bright.

UFO High bay LED lights

These new UFO LED lights pack a punch lighting up a dark warehouse.

Heavy duty multi site backup

These massive generators can provide power to multiple buildings if necessary.

Single building generator

Power loss to the area? Not for long if you have one of these bad boys ready to kick in quickly.

Whole home backup with automatic transfer switch

Oklahoma weather can get nasty. 2020-2021 winter was one for the record books. If the power stayed on, you were one of the lucky few. Many went weeks without having any power with the rare October snow storm and February ultra deep freeze.